February 2022 Majordomo/Magnadomo Election/Jamie-Istillian Platform

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A New Vision - Campaign Poster

Jamie & Istillian - A New Vision[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Majordomo Intro[edit | edit source | hide]

Hello Citizens of Sky Haven. First of all, I thank you for taking time out of your day to read our campaign manifesto. I promise you, you won’t regret it! In this document, we hope to set out who we are, why we are the best choice, and what you can expect from us as Majordomo and Magnadomo over the next term!

Hopefully you all know me already, but if not, Hi! My name is Jamie, I am the current Majordomo of Sky Haven. I also used to be the Minordomo of Foreign Affairs as well as currently being an ambassador for Sky Haven to Thaecia and Europeia.

Over the past few months, it is clear that Sky Haven has continued to grow and increase in popularity. We have seen multiple new bills passed through the Lawgrove, new embassies being opened, and a couple of weeks ago, Sky Haven were invited to hold a stall at UCR Con 4 which was a huge success! Obviously, I cannot take credit for everything that we have done - huge amounts of this comes down to other members of the Domus, and other areas of Government. However, I feel that together, Rotasu and I have created a great environment in which members of government can make a big difference!

I would now like to take some time to introduce my new running mate, Istillian Razedusk-Jörmunr. Over the past Domus term, Istillian has done a brilliant job in the Domuncula of Culture. Under his leadership as Minordomo, we have seen the Domuncula grow from almost nothing into one in which ideas are being converted into great experiences for our citizens.

That leads neatly into a brief but informative introduction from the next Magnadomo of Sky Haven, Istillian!!

Magnadomo Intro[edit | edit source | hide]

G’day there everyone, my name is Istillian Razedusk-Jörmunr, and in the past term I have represented you as your Minordomo of Culture and loved every second of it! Having now gained what I would say is a good understanding of what our citizens are interested in, and seeing where I can invest my time to help our region the most, I would now love the opportunity to continue to represent you further, and this time as Magnadomo, alongside Jamie.

Jamie has done an excellent job in leading Sky Haven, with incredible time investment in the formation of our Wikipedia page, submission of legislation, recruitment and integration incentives, guidance of our staff and citizens, and support of the Kali Paladins, to name just a few things more broadly that he has done. Now as a team, I can think of no better person to stand by and follow for our future. I trust that Jamie and I can convince you of the benefits of our new vision for Sky Haven, and I hope that we can inspire you to jump into our community this coming term too.

Culture[edit | edit source | hide]

We have the Spring Cultural event alongside our allies in Aurelius and Inferno Stellaria that we will be planning, including games and creative competitions, and more. We intend for this event to be a major foreign affairs collaboration, for all of our citizens to enjoy! We intend to continue the Quizziculture Thursdays, and introduce a meme Monday event too.

Interior[edit | edit source | hide]

Continue with gameside polls for general engagement, look to invest in more regular questions of the day (although posted twice weekly for an achievable distribution and good feedback). We intend to put focus into a new map creation concept developed by SkyGreen. Incentivise world assembly endorsements and keep a counter of the current endorsements, promoting this with another card competition, and reminders on the endorsement count.

Foreign Affairs & External Outreach[edit | edit source | hide]

Actively seeking out new relationships with like minded regions to ally with, ideally utilising the Kali Paladins for further ANTIFA style operations, liberation attempts, and if possible, tag raiding training.

Submission of New Legislation[edit | edit source | hide]

Refining and defining how our military act.

Setting out the powers of Domunculae in government as well as methods of scrutiny between elections.

An edict to help establish the formatting of legislation.

Amendments to current bills to help the lawgrove and the library flow more smoothly.